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Happy Dashboarding…


I came across the following newsletter…


How many times have you walked into your office, turned on your computer, and wondered how your business was performing?

Were you able to get the answer to those questions easily and in a timely fashion?

Dashboards are fantastic monitoring tool.

A good dashboard helps continuously monitor the health of your business.

Just like when you drive your car, you trust your dashboard to alert you to anything going astray.

You know where you want to drive your business; a dashboard is there to help you to get from point A to point B without breaking down.

Often times, our dashboard journey starts with a simple question: how are we performing right now?

Sound familiar? Check out this short explainer video to find out how Klipfolio can help.


How to do compounding…

How to do compounding ?

I have to return Rs. One Lac to a friend of mine who had invested in a start up of mine.
As there is no angel funding yet in the firm, I would like to return the money
with a notional return to him.

In India, the returns prevailing over a period of  9 years has been as under… ( in percent per annum )
Gold… 2
Property 3
FD 10
Equity Index 12
A. There was a hope that this equity investment would give 10x returns.
B. There was a strong possibility that this equity investment would become worthless.
The actual result of the venture over the years has been in the middle of these two possibilities. The team is still working in a committed manner. It still hopes that the product will fly.
In lines of the above rate of 5% per annum might be a good return for my friend.
Now I shall try to locate a resource which tells me the figure to be paid.
Let us go to
The figure comes to Rs. 155,132.82

My first post …

Why eDeskOnline … There was a element missing in the tech changes happening all around us. I was spending a lot of time … * going to multiple service providers ( e.g. Google, and Facebook ) * putting the information together * acting upon it. eDeskOnline is an answer to this problem.