google contacts _ Steps while Modifying / Uploading Visiting Cards

google contacts _ Steps while Modifying / Uploading Visiting Cards


1.Go to gmail…contacts.


2.Search for the contact on the visiting card by entering phone no /name etc.


A search is launched by

. Typing the search string inside the search box

. Hitting enter

. Looking at the rows of results.


Search is very different from a display prompter.

A display prompt are the options that show up automatically while typing the search string.

This is simply a means to quickly go to the necessary contact


Look at the contact information in totality.


Look at what is missing in the contact.

We should do a truecaller search on the mobile number


We should do a mobile number search in sumedha contact database


We should do a name search in sumedha contact database


We should do a Google search for the person, company name

The sequence of notes should be date wise.

The oldest note should be at the bottom

The latest note should be at the top

There should be space after Mr.


Variations of the name should be mentioned with the leading word not

An example is the contact Vimal sarawagi.

Here the note should mention one line which will read as “not bimal saraogi”


3.If the visiting card is already uploaded in the notes section link would be there.

4.Click on the link and cross check the details with that already entered.

5.Direct phone no should be in the work section

6.Assign the contact to the group “BSR old visiting cards”and also make note of it in comments section. Make sure to put in correct

7.If the visiting card is not already uploaded then the same has to be done.

8.Take a picture of the visiting card in whatsapp

9.Open the picture and using printSc and paint edit the picture

10.For editing rotate it to the left then select and crop.

11.Afterwards save it in jpeg.files in desktop.

12.For uploading the visiting card open my drive…NEW…FILE UPLOAD…DESKTOP…SELECT the file…open.

12.Last step is to save and share.


Steps for auditing the work above …

Please provide to the auditor …
* One screen of before.
* One screen of after.
* One screen of card.

Then auditor will comment on the work


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