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Layman's ERP: ( आम आदमी ERP )... Free !

Tools that costs millions of Dollars.. now available for FREE to each of us

  • Individuals

    Enterprise resource planning (ERP) is a method of using computer technology to link various functions—such as accounting, inventory control, and human resources—across an entire company. ERP is intended to facilitate information sharing, business planning, and decision making on an enterprise-wide basis. ERP enjoyed a great deal of popularity among large manufacturers in the mid-to late-1990s. Most early ERP systems consisted of mainframe computers and software programs that integrated the various smaller systems used in different parts of a company. Since the early ERP systems could cost up to $2 million and take as long as four years to implement, the main market for the systems was Fortune 1000 companies. more...

  • Firms

    Do you suffer from these productivity challenges?

    • You work hard, yet are not achieving your goals
    • You cannot remember when last you had a holiday
    • If you are not at work, everything falls apart
    • Customers are falling through the cracks
    • You have to turn away business because you cannot cope with it all
    • Your administration is a nightmare you’d rather avoid
    • You are so task orientated that you have lost sight of your goals
    • You don’t have time to do the creative and fun things in your business because you have a never-ending “To Do” list of tasks you hate doing.

  • Corporate

    Do you suffer from these productivity challenges?

    • A more efficient, productive and profitable business
    • Greater professionalism and enhanced customer service capability
    • Focus on critical business areas
    • Conserve energy, and concentrate on creativity, brainstorming, marketing, developing your business and working with client
    • Free up your valuable time
    • Improve your focus
    • Make faster progress
    • Make more money

  • Associations

    Determine where your business is currently and where you would like to go Identify areas of reduced productivity Brainstorm a step-by-step action plan to help you increase your productivity – without increasing your workload! Learn how to build a business that practically runs itself, so you can finally sit back and enjoy a long vacation, even as the profits continue to roll in effortlessly.

  • Business Process Management (BPM)

    has been a critical part of the enterprise technology market. A successful contemporary BPM suite should be able to provide end-to-end support and customization for processes. Furthermore, BPM will also have to retain its appeal to the business user, facilitating easy consumption but delivering robust functionality.

  • Personal Information Management (PIM)

    Personal Information Management (PIM for short), defined as: the collecting and handling of information (such as files, email and contacts) by an individual, for that individual's own use. the system is not far short of a surrogate brain. Everything you see, it sees and saves. Everyone you meet is photographed and stored. Every thing you read, hear and write gets stored in tis searchable database. To Microsoft, this is a valuable tool, a searchable diary that stores all the information you might ever need to recall. to others - even some of the programmers working on the project - it could herald a brave new world where we sacrifice all privacy to the God of Convenience. PIM software is a very general term and may include any of the following features:

    • Address books
    • Lists (e.g., task lists)
    • Significant dates (e.g., birthdays, anniversaries, appointments and meetings)
    • RSS feeds
    • Reminders and alerts
    • Notes
    • Email, instant messaging (IM) and fax communication
    • Voicemail
    • Project management

    It used to be that synchronization was implemented as a a point-in-time update between computers and devices. As more software migrates to the cloud, a PIM that syncs between multiple types of devices is standard. Most users would probably never use the PIM term. For example, a user might know all his contacts and calendar information is with Google Apps, but he would not necessarily refer to it as his PIM.

  • Calendaring Software

    Calendaring software is software that minimally provides users with an electronic version of a calendar. Additionally, the software may provide an appointment book, address book, and/or contact list. These tools are an extension of many of the features provided by time management software such as desk accessory packages and computer office automation systems. Calendaring is a standard feature of many PDAs, EDAs, and smartphones.

Features of Edesk Online

  • Manage your digital information across ... your entire cloud-existence..

    • Straddle the Cloud; i.e manage information across your * Google Gmail * Facebook * DropBox * Google Calender * OnlineAccounts * Smartphones * Google Contacts * Google Drive.
    • Full featured ERP integrated with the one's information (contacts, databases, accounts, etc)

  • Useful for all types of individuals and organisations ...

    • Now ERP in the reach of an individual
    • Small Organisation can use the same ERP as larger firms.
    • Medium-scale organisations need not necessarily be blind-sided with larger firms with better data-vision.
    • At large Corporations: existing ERP takes generally 4 to 6 months before implementation.

  • http://wiki.edeskonline.com/

    An encyclopedia of productivity..2000 pages of help topics:

    • Encyclopedia on how to use our site to improve productivity ...
    • Click Here

  • Collaboration...

    • Collaborate and share information. eDeskOnline works perfectly like your company’s intranet with advanced access permission-ing features.
    • Collaborate with multiple persons at the same time.
    • Calibrate the access that you provide to them: ( Owner / viewer / editor / commentator ).
    • Revert back to earlier versions

  • Use the Eisenhower Matrix

    • Why forget when you have a planning tool.
    • The three things that should constitute a perfect plan would be.
    • Tasks
    • Importance
    • Urgency
    • For more...

  • Coming attractions.. What are we busy coming up with ?

    • Coming soon: Integration with MS HealthVault, Google+, Linkedin, Amazon, eBay.
    • Also, as more and more data moves to the cloud ( e.g. SmartHome, SmartCar, SmartShoe ), we will continue to integrate them into eDeskOnline.
    • Process Flowcharts: A flowchart is a type of diagram that represents a process, and shows the steps and their order by connecting them with arrows. eDeskOnline proposes to use them for managing your tasks and projects better.
    • Heat Maps: graphical representation of data where the individual values contained in a matrix are represented as colors. eDeskOnline proposes to use them for visualising your tasks and data better.
    • Coming: The Need / Love Matrix for Happiness, Health Index plotted against Insurance costs graph

  • HINTS or CUES:

    • A HINT is a slight indication or intimation. It is a brief ( or indirect ) suggestion.
    • Do away with the need of a personal assistant.
    • You can program it to use customis-able logic.
    • This feature employs proprietary logic.

  • Search for elements from your entire digital personality:

    • Search for elements from your entire digital personality.
    • Search-ability
    • A powerful search to look for contents of your life.
    • Search for elements from your entire digital personality

  • Backup-ability

    • eDeskOnline automatically backs up your data to our secure data centres.
    • Easily EXPORT your valuable information for backing up your information.

  • Security...

    • Having data online is the safest way to keep it from landing into someone else's hands. One may keep the most confidential of data online without the fear of anyone accessing it.
    • Secure online storage: Store your important files securely, access.

  • One Magic Dashboard...

    • When one logs-in, one sees the dashboard: very much like when getting into a car or cockpit.
    • The dashboard has several dials ( tabs ); Task Manager, Calendar, Stock Portfolio, the urgent / important to-do Eisenhower Matrix, etc.
    • Custom dashboards for working better with existing ERP or CRM systems

  • Use Calendars

    • Go about your daily work; more productively.
    • Task

  • Easy Set-up and Exit:

    • Set-up is easy, you can start in 10 seconds with one click.
    • Exit is easy: use the export feature to move your data to whichever software you wish to migrate to..

  • Manage your digital information across

    • Manage your digital information across ... All or some of your family members,
    • Create reports across your family: wealth, or cash flow
    • eDeskOnline helps you consolidate information across sets of individuals

  • Manage your digital information across

    • Manage your digital information across ... All the multiple firms with which you are associated
    • Generate reports that give you consolidated reports across multiple businesses.
    • Bank Balances across all your firms,
    • Grouped profitability reports

  • Manage your digital information across multiple device

    • Manage your digital information across ... All devices: whether computer / mobile / tablet / etc.
    • EdeskOnline is a desktop environment accessible from any device connected to the Internet (desktop, netbook, mobile...)
    • Any-time, anywhere access.


    FREE Plan
    Accounting Package Yes Yes Yes
    Dashboard Yes Yes Yes
    Easy Import/Export Yes Yes Yes
    Inventory Management Yes Yes Yes
    Investment Tracker Yes Yes Yes
    Notebook Yes Yes Yes
    Task Manager Yes Yes Yes
    Tax Planner Yes Yes Yes
    Universal Search Yes Yes Yes
    Without Advertisements Yes Yes Yes
    Quarterly Backups Yes Yes Yes
    Premium Features Yes Yes Yes
    Instant Updates Yes Yes Yes
    Email Support Yes Yes Yes
    Phone Support * Yes Yes Yes
    Custom Code/Reports * Yes Yes Yes
    Support Hours * Yes Yes Yes
    Max 08 Hrs monthly
    Price FREE $09.00 USD
    $39.00 USD

    Benefits of using eDeskOnline

    • Go about your daily work; more productively. eDeskOnline allows you to do your daily work like creating tasks, tracking a stock portfolio. It also helps in managing your accounts. Cut down on bad debts by monitoring dues from customers.
    • Any-time, anywhere access.
    • Ease of use. Anyone familiar with the basics of a computer will find using eDeskOnline easy.
    • Collaborate and share information. eDeskOnline works perfectly like your company’s intranet by collaboration and virtual teamwork with access permissions.
    • Enables a small or medium business ( SME ) with a fully featured ERP. ERP is now in the reach of an individual professional or any Small / Medium Organisation. ALL the while being integrated with the rest of their personal information (contacts, databases, accounts, etc)
    • Easy exit; simply use the export feature to move your data to whichever software you wish to migrate to.


    We prepare a report online with several contributors in different parts of the world. Direct Marketing Association India uses eDesk Online to maintain its business operations on an online basis. We have also created the very popular DM Report comprising 30 chapters using the very powerful online colloboration and task management features of eDeskOnline.

    -- Hon. Secretary, DMAi

    • Free to all users:

      • Ad-supported: you will need to co-exist with Google ads.
      • All features enabled.
      • Google Ad-supported web hosting.

    • Subscriptions:

      • Nominal subscription fees for an ad-free experience.
      • for an ad-free experience: Subscription rates starting at 9 USD per month.
      • This covers unlimited storage and users.
      • This is a time limited offer - so hurry now before the offer period expires.

    • Custom modules:for integration with SAP, SalesForce, Intuit, etc..

      • edeskOnline works along with all major office productivity software - Salesforce ( CRM ), and Tally ( accounts);
      • eDeskOnline can access information from them,
      • and display actionable hints, graphs and charts for your action.

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